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Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor (Head of Marketing) brings over a decade of experience in marketing, photography,  and customer service to the Brett Wilde Real Estate Team. His creative insight and vision help to lead our team forward and provide our clients the best real estate marketing available.  Behind the scenes, Dave is actively involved in every aspect of our business, always seeking to improve it.  From our blog, to making sure an owners’ home is receiving maximum exposure on a listing, he is working hard.

Dave  has always had a love of fine architecture, which has produced a keen interest in quality homes. His father worked for many years as a real estate agent and  luxury home sales, from which Dave gained valuable insight into the world of real estate marketing. With an active love of homes and marketing, we can count on him to keep up on all of the latest trends and technology in the industry.

As a part-time professional photographer, Dave spends much of his free time behind the camera. He has gained a reputation for his beautiful landscape and architecture photography, as well as being actively sought after to shoot lifestyle and editorial photos for commercial clients.  Never far from his camera, he’s always on the hunt for his next shot. We are lucky to have his talent and beautiful photography on board. He personally photographs most of our listings, in order to ensure that our clients’ homes are presented as beautifully as possible to potential buyers.

Dave has always prided himself on excellent customer service, having worked for nearly 5 years at the 5-Star Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, UT. While serving guests such as high-profile celebrities, politicians, and fortune 500 executives, he learned the value and importance of treating every customer equally and according to highest standards. He often looked forward to the off-season times at the lodge, when locals would stay overnight for anniversaries and special occasions. Providing the same level of service to those guests, as he would an A-List actor was something he always enjoyed doing.  He carries over that standard of excellence, with an expectation that each of our clients are given the greatest service and an experience they will enjoy and remember.

Besides his photography, Dave loves to travel and go on adventures in Utah. His favorite place is Lake Powell, where he tries to visit at least every year. In addition, he loves the outdoors, skiing, flyfishing, sport events, and playing piano.

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