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Buying a home in Utah can be exciting, life changing, overwhelming, frustrating, and time-consuming. At Utah Home Deal, we’ll help you enjoy the experience! This guide will help to make buying a home as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Get Pre-QualifiedHome Buyers in Utah

The first thing every potential home buyer needs to do is to Get Pre-Qualified with a reputable home loan lender and have them prepare you a letter that you show agents. You need to find out what you can afford to buy. It will save you a great deal of frustrating knowing exactly which homes you can possibly be able to buy. Many home buyers neglect this step, and end up falling in love with homes that fall outside of their budget. They end up disappointed when they find out they can’t afford it. The missed time and emotional toll can be hard, and can easily be avoided by getting pre-qualified first.  We have worked with multiple lenders and have learned that a great lender is worth every penny. We suggestion the following preferred lender, who has proven their skill and service with our clients.

Box Home Loans

Fill out our Buyer Questionnaire

You likely have a decent idea of what you want in a home. Now is the time to get specific; size of home, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, lot size, style, City, neighborhood, etc.  To help you out, we recommend that you fill our buyer questionnaire, which only takes a few minutes. You can find it by clicking  HERE.

Find an Agent

A real estate agent is an invaluable resource and partner to help you find a new home. They’ll be able to help you find a good lender, identify what home is best for you, and sort through the thousands of homes that are listed on the MLS (multiple listing service). When you’ve found homes that you want to see, your real estate agent will be able to arrange for you to see the homes in person. Without a real estate agent, walking through homes is a very difficult process, but an agent will make it easy. When you’ve walked through homes and you find one that you want to make an offer on, the agent will help you fill out the required paperwork and help you to create an offer that the sellers are likely to accept. They’ll negotiate with the seller or their agent to make sure that you get a price and terms that are favorable to you. They can help you to negotiate personal items that are in the home such as appliances and furniture. When the offer is accepted, the agent will stand by you and help to make sure the home is inspected and appraised. They’ll walk you through til the closing and hand you the keys to the home on the day you get to move in.

At Utah Home Deal, we want to make sure that our buyers are completely satisfied and that they purchase a home that they’ll love for years to come. We have a process that makes home buying enjoyable and thorough. You’ll get a great deal and a great home when you use a Utah Home Deal agent. Brett Wilde is our lead agent and will assist you personally or recommend you to a great agent in the neighborhood you are looking. To learn more about Brett, Click Here.

Search for Homes

Searching for homes for sale in Utah today utilizes modern technology. You can search for a home nearly anywhere using desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. Your real estate agent will be invaluable to help you sift through the many homes that are available. They know when a home is overpriced and can find out information that is otherwise difficult to access. A great agent will know the inventory of homes very well and we’ll be keeping an eye open for homes that have just been listed.  At Utah Home Deal, we recommend a few tools to help you find a home.

To make things easy for you, we’ve enabled access to the Utah MLSon our website. You can use the best IDX  in Utah available to find homes and property for sale all across the state. The search feature uses sliders to narrow down your preferences and you can easily pinpoint the area using the interactive map. Pictures and information and provided on properties and you can save your favorites. The search tool is also compatible with smart phones and tablets making it possible for you to search for homes from anywhere!  Not to be biased, but we think our search tool is pretty awesome! Start searching for homes using the Utah Home Deal property search by clicking HERE.

Schedule and see your Favorite Homes

When you’ve found a few homes that you’d like to see, the next step is many people’s favorite part of buying a home. Now you get to go walk through and physically see the homes that you might be interested in purchasing. Typically it requires 24 hours notice to schedule a showing for a home, as often the owners or renters are still living there. Be sure to arrange ahead of time with your real estate agent when you’d like to see the homes. We recommend that you schedule 3 hours and plan on seeing 6-9 homes that are within your preferred area. If lots of travel is required between homes, you may only be able to see a few.  You might want to bring a camera with you and a small notepad and pencil to make notes of what you like, as it can be easy to forget after seeing several properties. To schedule a showing with a Utah Home Deal real estate professional, Call us at 801-623-9552 or 801-406-9101.

Make an Offer

Depending on the current market conditions, you may need to act quickly on any home that you like, as homes can go under contract at any time. Your real estate agent will be able to give you specific direction, but it is generally advised to submit a written offer on a home you like as soon as possible. An offer that is likely to be accepted is one that is close to the asking price and offers the most favorable closing for the sellers. Full price offers and above, along with cash closings will be well received. However, your agent should be aware when an offer below the asking price might be accepted. “Low-Ball offers” aren’t often made unless a home has had a difficult time selling or the seller is extremely motivated. It is generally best to offer a fair and reasonable one that will most likely lead to a favorable outcome for all parties. Formal offers need to be made in writing and submitted using a legal form called a Real Estate Purchase Contract ( REPC ). Your agent will help you determine the proper price to offer for the home and what conditions are best for your circumstances. The agent will have you sign the document either in person or electronically. They will then submit the offer to the Listing Agent who is representing the sellers. As a token of interest, it is customary to submit a check with earnest money, which can be released back to the buyer if conditions aren’t meant.


Typically after your offer is received by the listing agent, they review it with the sellers. They can accept your offer as-is, reject it, or submit a counter offer. Your agent will work hard to represent your best interests, while giving you the best opportunity to purchase the home. Negotiations on a  property can take place over several days, but deadlines are usually attached to ensure timely responses.

Under Contract

When all parties have agreed on a price, terms, and conditions made through the REPC contract and addendum, they will sign the contract. At this time, the home will be deemed to be “Under Contract”. Most of the time, the home will be removed from active viewing on the MLS and no more showings will done. Sometimes, if the sellers have stipulated it, the home will be under contract with a time clause, allowing the home to continue to shown and offers to be submitted. If an offer is submitted by another party, you’ll have the opportunity to match it.

While a home is under contract, several things happen. As the potential home buyer, you’ll often be preparing to move into the home. A title company will be enlisted to check for liens against the property and to handling closing. There will be several deadlines to pay attention to, most notably the Due Diligence deadline, Financing and Appraisal deadline, and the Settlement deadline. Due Diligence offers the home buyer to have the property professionally inspected and to review the condition of the home. The buyer must make any requests in repairs or changes before the deadline passes. You’ll next have an appraisal done on the home, to determine in present market value, which is needed for lenders to approve loans. Before the Financing and Appraisal deadline passes, the buyers will have to have their loan in place or potentially lose their earnest deposit. At settlement, all parties will meet, either in person or through representation, and close on the property. Any payment stipulated in the REPC contract will be made and title will be transferred. Congratulations! You’re now a new home owner!

Moving into your Home

Within the REPC contract it will state when you are allowed to occupy the property. Typically, this is done the day of settlement. However, there may be unique circumstances, which would have been made known through addendum in the contract. Moving into your new home is exciting, with a lot of hard work. Often you’ll be making small repairs or renovations before you physically move in. You’ll be meeting new neighbors and getting situated. As clients of  Utah Home Deal, we want to make this transition as comfortable as possible for you. To aid in this step, our buyers are able to use our Utah Home Deal Trailer for one trip. Many homeowners are able to move the majority of their belongings using our trailer. It is our pleasure to help you in your move!

Enjoy the Home

This last part is important. We hope that many great memories and experiences will come with your home. We hope that you enjoy it and find it as place of comfort, peace, and fun. We hope that you’ll have friends and family over. We do hope that you’ll share your experience buying a home with Utah Home Deal with those you known and when it comes time for you to move again, that you’ll give us a call. Thank you for letting us take part in you buying a home! – Utah Home Deal

 For more information, Call Brett Wilde with Utah Home Deal at 801-623-9552

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